Harsh Bhardwaj

Software Development Engineer at PTC Inc.

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Hey, I am Harsh ^_^ , Harsh means Happiness and it truly reflects in my work, I always enjoy in learning interesting thing. I love to brainstorm on cool ideas and always glad to works with tech entrepreneurs and curious students. I am passionate for working in the field of deep learning , intelligent gadgets and micro Robotics and can even feels the revolution of transforming our world into intelligent world of future.
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Graduated From SKIT, Jaipur

Department of Computer Science & Engineering


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Parametric Technology Corporation(IND)

Working as a Software Development Engineer-1(Full-stack) in Next Generation Universal Learning Connector. Currently working on SAML SSO architecture and implementation with PTC learning portals and universal learning connector.

Parametric Technology Corporation(IND)

Working as a Software Development Engineer in Research and development focusing on future oriented business ideas by collaborating with cross-functional teams.Working on User Behavioral Tracking on PTC Precision LMS using Experience API standardization and data Analytics on tracked records. Worked on Mixed Reality ( Augment Reality & Virtual Reality ) solutions with Vuforia for PTC Universal Learning Connector.


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Intelligent User Profiling and Recommendation system(2017)

Intelligent user profiling & Personalized Recommendation Engine is based on the filtering algorithm to predict user class on the basis of its online actions and impression.We have used SVM and perceptron algorithm for determining user class, NodeJS for handling Backend & API development and MongoDB and MySQL for Database.

Movie analysing Engine (2017)*

Movie Engine is Movie description system where you can easily get every information about the searched movie and can browse with genre and year - used OMDB api for getting movie info. - used MaterializCss for UI. - deployed on heroku - ExpressJs and NodeJs for Backend. - Python for developing API for searching (DATA Mining) with Genre of movie with the given year.

Data Management Software(For Schools) (2017)*

Data Management Software is an Online Mini content management system for Educational Organizations, It is a single tool to handle student's information regarding attendance, results, fees etc through their Id's, We have used HTML, Materialsed.css git for front end, Node.js for API development, and MongoDb and Mysql as per requirement for database.

Pattern Searching Algorithm (2017)

A new Pattern Searching Technique which is better than Rabin-Karp algorithm and Comparitive with Knuth–Morris–Pratt algorithm in terms of Time complexity as well as space complexity.Tested on 1 million length text.

Smart Information Push System (2016)

Smart Information push system use AUTOMATION for pushing the information to the user who would be interested in that.This technique can also be applied in other areas where a user with a known profile interacts with an information system .

Crom Box-A cloud storage Appilaction (2016)

Crom Box is the andorid application Synchronized using firebase queries ,Images, videos can be stored to the cloud, retrive and can even delete using application

TechInnova App(2016)

In order to provide students all time connectivity with their mentors , Tech Innova develop their own cloud based mobile application, now students will get notification of coding competitions , Important events , club meetings

Application Performance Optimization (2016)

project is mainly focused on improving the performance the any application by minimizing the crash instances and reducing the data saving and fetching time. We have used API's developed in Java , Node.js api's and google firebase queries to improving the performance of application . We achieved reduction in data sync time by 6% and along with this.We reduced crash instances by 10%

Node.js Minor Projects(2016)

Minor projects and other implementations using Node.js

Mozilla FireFox Plugin (2016)

A plugin for mozilla firefox, that tells about the total data used and user can even set the threshold limit for data usage using this plugin

ProAcDoc(First phase) (2015)

A first phase of healthcare application is developed,features like adding and updating profiles, saving your medical records and child vaccination details on cloud, search nearby health expert and health center.

SeasonBucket.com (2015)

Season bucket.com is a bussiness entrepreneurship projects, it is an online shopping portals for the festive products, here we aim at grabbing opportunities present in seasonal market and try to resolve issues related to them.

Wall Defender Game(2015)

Wall Defender is a computer graphics game,all the major computer graphics algorithms are implemented, such as Bresenham's algorithm for making line, Midpoint circle algo for making circular ball. Collision detection techiques are also used for making game more interesting.

Prison Management System(2014)

A simple prison management System is Developed using C++,a new information regarding the prisoner in terms of prisoner Id, compartment no., crime and punishment duration is added and can delete.


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Technical skills

Programming Languages
Contact Person C
Contact Person C++
Contact Person Java SE
Contact Person JavaScript
Tools & Frameworks
Contact Person Node.Js
Contact Person AngularJs
Contact Person Google Materialize
Contact Person CanvasJs
Contact Person Android Studio
Contact Person MatLab
Contact Person Heroku
Contact Person Firebase
Contact Person Git
Contact Person MongoDb



Campus computer Science club

Chief Coordinatorclose

I am the true Witness of the growth of Techinnova club in these Years, We have Extended it from two clubs to Five clubs, along with work in Research Fields. My work as Coordinator is to Unite the other club coordinators and decide the new strategies for the clubs with them, Organising the Tech events, MeetUps, and motivate the students time to time.

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Instructor & Project Guide


Teaching Android Application Development to Students and Guiding them in projects based on their Ideas , We have targeted atleast 10 Student projects this year!

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CS/IT 1st and 2nd Year

Student Mentor and guideclose

Right Guidance is the most valuable thing one can give, I am currently working as a mentor and guide for 1st & 2nd year students of Computer science/Information Technology to provide them right path in terms of opportunities, Technology, and also in terms of Industry Requirements.


Campus Representative

Campus representativeclose

Campus representative of Mozilla Developers Group in order to ensure productive work in college clubs , Enhance awareness towards Web security and to work on Innovative Student Ideas

Season Bucketmore_vert


Ceo & Co-founderclose

An Entrepreneurship teaches, How to manage your tasks, and assign to the team members and how to complete the tasks within deadlines, in seasonbucket we have learned these things, and the important things I have learned is the "Team Work".




After completing Winter Internship in ProAcDoc, I am still working as the their Resentative in Startup events like FBstart, I also have the responsibility for growing network and setting social media campaigns for promotions.